For the greater good

I’m bored…literally everyone is playing Marines or Chaos in 8th and it is getting more than a little tedious. I’m not just talking about new players who have purchased the new starter set but even grizzled old neck beards with a half dozen armies under their belts. I get that the fluff for 8th is […]

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Voldus Revisited

About a week ago I posted about my work on Grand Master Voldus of  Grey Knights fame Well I managed eventually to tidy a few bits and pieces up so here we are  –   Nothing has really changed that much a few more highligts, some very simple basing and the addition of the servo […]

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Quoth the Corvus

Following on from my stint of painting Grey Knights I decided yesterday evening to tackle a box that has sat unopened for over a month now. The best Flyer on the side of Emprah the mighty Corvus Blackstar (such an edgy, faggy emo name for something so badass) This is the first Flyer I have […]

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