Deathwatch Master

As mentioned before I’m up against the clock at the moment as I need to get the rest of my army finished off before my practice games this weekend. Now as the saying goes you eat an elephant one bitem at a time. The first bite of this particular elephant was my Deathwatch Watch Master. […]

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2500 Point list

Following the release of 8th edition and with a pretty hectic gaming schedule in the next few weeks I’ve been busy reworking my army lists. Most of the games I get to play locally at GW or at our local club are around the 2500 point mark which happens to be my favourite army size. […]

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And now my watch begins

With the launch of 8th and the new global campaign that is just around the corner I have been spending a lot of time list building. Some people hate this particular side of our hobby….Personally I love it! As much as I like competitive lists and winning games what I really like are fluffy lists […]

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TT Combat Scenery

Even though I first started collecting and gaming well over 25 years ago one area where I have always been lacking has been terrain and scenery. Back in the day when I was a youngster I usually just used whatever odds and ends were to hand…Lego models….a pencil pot…maybe some books as a hill. All […]

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