Fate of Konor: Week 1 round up

So I am sat here on a bright but cold Saturday trying to get a snafu with some car finance sorted out.

He obviously has spoken to the same bunch of muppets…

In order to A. keep up to date and B. reduce my levels of unmitigated rage I have decided the best thing to do is give a quick round up of the first week of the Fate of Konor global campaign as seen from GW in Hereford.

As mentioned previously there was a small bit of angst in week 1 as the points/ power levels for the armies was announced very last minute and was quite a bit different than what was expected…


30 PL was very, very different than the expected 2000/2500 point lists that I had been building.

Still we got there and the final list was ok…nice and fluffy and I still, I believed, with a strong chance of dealing some damage.

17.300 rolled round and there were just shy of a score of gamers crammed into GW Hereford (not a bad turn out at all for such a bollocks of a start time).

Two 4 x 4 tables were setup and we were promptly split into attackers and defenders by store manager Gary, it worked out as two games with 4 players per side.

I was the last of the Imperial Forces to deploy in our game and had the left flank more or less to myself with a mix of UltraSmurfs, Blood Angels and AdMech for company.

The vindicare took the high ground in a conveniently sited bunker which gave him command of the whole board with his mighty (or not) exitus rifle.

the two squads of Scions manned the forward barricades and Inquisitor Reikert, his faithful Jokaero and his Hot Shot Las Acolyte squad held the middle ground.

My Callidus and Eversor were both in concealment ready to pop out and bring the pain a little later on.

Failing to seize the initiative from the forces of chaos we were resigned to weathering the storm for turn one.

As expected the joint sight of both Cato Sicarius and Rowboat Girlyman was too much for the forces of chaos to resist and they were a giant fire magnet throughout.

Somehow their plot armour held and neither of them died (a pitiful shame if you ask me)

My forward most Scion squad wasn’t quite as lucky being reduced down to just the Sgt. by some accurate shooting from the deathguard arrayed against me, luckily he passed his leadership test and resiliently held the line.

With no charges coming off it was time for the Empire  to strike back.


No real movement from my motley collection of misfits other than a bit of shuffling around to ensure optimal firing arcs however both of my assassins did pop out of hiding at the end of the movement phase well within killing range of the pox walkers and death guard, much to the annoyance of the shambling hordes of papa Nurgle.

The Psychic phase proved to be a damp squib (the first of many) with Smite failing to come off for me.

Shooting was significantly better… Girlyman and Cato Sicarius took out a hellbrute and put a nice dent into the pox walkers in front of them and the Primaris over on the right flank started to chip away at the Khorne Juggernauts advancing towards them.

My vindicare proved to be spectacularly useless failing to wound the Chaos sorcerer he was targeting however his brethren from the Officio Assassinorum more than made up for it with the the Eversor taking down 3 pox walkers with his pistol

Rest of my shooting was pretty much as expected, with quarry and the Joakaero rerolls ensuring that we took out another handful of foul fiends in the emperors name.

My Callidus failed her charge in support of Rowboat however the Eversor went to town on some deathguard felling 4 in close combat (he wiped out the squad) without taking a single wound.

The rest of the battle was actually fairly uneventful according to my notes… Girlyman and Sicarus continued to be fire sponges, The Vindicare failed to score a single wound…my callidus and eversor earnt their points back ten fold and Reikert defeated a charging Chaos Sorceror Lord in one round of combat.

In the end things wrapped up pretty neatly on turn 3 with the forces of chaos scoring a mighty two victory points (a rhino and one poxwalker were on our side of the table) vs. a mighty 11 for the Imperium…



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