Emergency list 2.0 – the reckoning

So after the initial mad panic over the last minute format changes I decided to just throw a bunch of fluffy things in a case and sort it out when I got there.

On having a quick chat with store manager extraordinaire Gary and finding out it was going to be 4 a side with a general chaos / imperium of man split I changed my list…again!

For the final time meet my emergency list:

AM/ Inquisition Patrol detachment


Inquisitor Reikert 7pl – Malleus Inq in Terminator armour, psyker (dominate) psycannon and nemesis daemon hammer

Scions – 1x Plasma pistol, 3 x Hotshot Las, 1 x Flamer -3PL
Scions – 1x Bolt Pistol, 2x Melta, 2x Hotshot las -3PL
Scions – 1x Bolt pistol, 4 X hotshot las* -3PL

Assassins – Vanguard Detachment (+1 CP)


Vindicare Assassin – 5pl
Eversor Assassin – 4 pl
Callidus Assassin – 5pl

Total Power Level 30

* So glad I forged ahead and got the scions ready!


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