Quoth the Corvus

Following on from my stint of painting Grey Knights I decided yesterday evening to tackle a box that has sat unopened for over a month now.

The best Flyer on the side of Emprah the mighty Corvus Blackstar (such an edgy, faggy emo name for something so badass)

This is the first Flyer I have built for 40k and I was happy enough with it…took me a little under an hour to have everything prepped and assembled before priming in the garden.

I did think about magnetising this but to be honest I will be using the ass cannons and Blackstar rockets about oooh 95% of the time.

As this is a deathwatch Flyer it is of course mostly black so I hit it up with another coat of chaos black spray before starting on the details.

Red, gold and silver are the order of the day here but I did try to work in some green and blue in places to add some little accents.

The few green and blue accents really pop as do the real life genuine bones embedded in the fucking doors (so totally grimdark)

Base needs to be done and I want to hit everything with another coat of wash before sealing.

All in all not bad progress


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