Tempestus Scions (Squad 1)

Sometimes the night isn’t just dark…sometimes the night is full of awful, mind rapingly horrible things.

That’s why the Tempestus Scions exist for those times when a flash light and a big pair of balls just wont do.

I’ve always been a fan of what I will always think of as Storm Troopers.

Not these bucket headed mooks:

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

Nope, I mean these guys:

Angry Paras in space

Chock full of 90’s goodness the original and best beret stormtroopers looked like every angry, pissed up squaddy you had evere met on a night out…with a bigger, meaner industrial grade torch to really melt the alien/chaos/heretic scum.

Sadly like all good things these little plastic paras came to an end (doesn’t mean that I don’t have a cupboard full of them though muhahahaha)

The new models are nice but seem to me be to be something different all together. That’s why I am probably one of the only few neckbeards out there willing to call them Scions, it just stops me from raging I guess.

Anywho I lucked out on a bunch of the new goons thanks to the bay so of course it was painting time…


With a veritable shed load of these to paint I have gone with a relatively simple blue / grey scheme.

Black>The Fang>Fenrisian Grey highlights with primary coloured accents on screens, buttons and lenses to help them pop. Metal edging on the armour is courtesy of either some ancient mithril silver or burnished bronze depending on the squad.


Overall not horrible (needs a bit more highlighting and a quick wash or two to be finished) and a relatively nice quick paint job that can be knocked out en masse (5 or 6 a night!)



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