Grey Knight Interceptor Squad

Seeing as I have been on a bit of a roll the last couple of days (Grand Master FlashDreadknight &Deathwatch Master) I decided to keep on keeping on and try to get as much of the army finished as  I could.

Fuelled by some horrible Yuzu flavoured energy drink call “Emerge” I set to work.

75p worth of radioactive horse piss

Next up on the list was an area in which my army was / is sorely lacking at present – Fast Attack.

Whilst my nice fluffy Inquisition list isn’t setup with a standard FOC style army in mind it is still nice to have some quick units that can scream around messing up people’s shit.

As I am taking a mix of DeathWatch and Grey Knights to supplement my Inquisitors it only makes sense to either go with Vanguard Vets or Interceptors.

Well there isn’t really much of a choice in my mind as I hate, I mean HATE Space Marine Jump Packs, they just seem slightly retarded (that says a lot in the 40K universe)

So Interceptors it is.


As you will see I have gone with a fairly standard loadout  – 2 x swords, 1x halberd, an incinerator for some holy flame goodness and I have given the Justicar the daemon hammer.

Considering I don’t really like painting Grey Knights (bit of a problem for a GK player) I am relatively pleased with these particular mooks.

Everything was left pretty standard on these other than I flipped the sword on dude in the bottom left pic and changed the angle of the arms for a bit more of a windup on the hammer swing. As I say nothing major but it adds a bit of character without putting in too many hours.

Oh and to make it even nicer they cost me £9.99 and a handful of bitz – take that Games Workshop and your £20.50


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