Grand Master Flash

I had a little snooze yesterday afternoon as I was off work and had been up super early (thanks kids).

Now whilst my sleep habits are really interesting to everyone this is supposed to be a 40k blog….so let me skip ahead.

Because of catching a few zzz in the afternoon I found myself awake far longer than usual last night.

With the various deadlines that are coming up I decided to make good use of this new found energy and knocked another miniature off of my list.

In particular Grand Master Voldus a super powered librarian released as part of the Gathering Storm sets earlier this year.

As the fluff says:j0tu774cfuiy.jpg

Now standard model is pretty nice but I didn’t really like the crazy old WW2 pilot head that came with it so I swapped this out for a hooded head from a Deathwing Knight as I feel it gives a better look for a librarian.

The kit I had received as part of a split of the box set was actually a little bit of a disappointment as someone had evidently started to build him and had mounted his Storm bolter on his fist instead of the forearm and it just looked crap.

So I did a little bit of cutting and repositioning and remounted this correctly. I also took also few moments to slightly adjust the arm in general as from my pov it looked slightly too extended.



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