As you might be aware I have been beavering away like a mad man to get my army ready (check my progress fools!) for the upcoming global campaign and the raft of practice games that are taking place at the moment (I mean a LOT of games).

I recently wrote that I had an initial 2500 list pretty much sorted in my mind, I say in my mind as a lot of the minis listed aren’t exactly painted…or even built yet in some cases.

Well after a rough 10 days or so I have re-found my mojo to an extent and not only is my Deathwatch Watch Master more or less finished but I have made a really good dent into the Grey Knight portion of my force.

Before the arrival of a certain “spiritual liege” I had always kind of liked the GK fluff, like many people that changed after Kaldor Draigo started carving long ass names into the hearts of fucking daemon primarchs


Any-who hatred of Matt Ward aside the Grey Knights are an obvious choice to ally with the forces of the Inquisition and actually dovetail pretty nicely with the Deathwatch also.

As much as I hate the idea behind it and indeed the actual model…you can’t really run Grey Knights without taking a Dreadknight.

These guys are just too rapetastic for words and leave you wondering why any GK player would ever invest in let alone play a dreadnought?!?!?

Soooo with uncommon haste I have prepped, built, painted and even based my giant stompy baby carrier of death


Now if only I can keep going at the same pace for the next week or so I might actually be somewhere near finished.

In case everything grinds to a jarring halt I have started to devise a cunning plan…ANOTHER LIST!!!!


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