Voldus Revisited

About a week ago I posted about my work on Grand Master Voldus of ¬†Grey Knights fame Well I managed eventually to tidy a few bits and pieces up so here we are ¬†–   Nothing has really changed that much a few more highligts, some very simple basing and the addition of the servo […]

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Quoth the Corvus

Following on from my stint of painting Grey Knights I decided yesterday evening to tackle a box that has sat unopened for over a month now. The best Flyer on the side of Emprah the mighty Corvus Blackstar (such an edgy, faggy emo name for something so badass) This is the first Flyer I have […]

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Grand Master Flash

I had a little snooze yesterday afternoon as I was off work and had been up super early (thanks kids). Now whilst my sleep habits are really interesting to everyone this is supposed to be a 40k blog….so let me skip ahead. Because of catching a few zzz in the afternoon I found myself awake […]

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Before the arrival of a certain “spiritual liege” I had always kind of liked the GK fluff, like many people that changed after Kaldor Draigo started carving long ass names into the hearts of fucking daemon primarchs…

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Deathwatch Master

As mentioned before I’m up against the clock at the moment as I need to get the rest of my army finished off before my practice games this weekend. Now as the saying goes you eat an elephant one bitem at a time. The first bite of this particular elephant was my Deathwatch Watch Master. […]

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