TT Combat Scenery

Even though I first started collecting and gaming well over 25 years ago one area where I have always been lacking has been terrain and scenery. Back in the day when I was a youngster I usually just used whatever odds and ends were to hand…Lego models….a pencil pot…maybe some books as a hill. All […]

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St Celestine

Happy Sunday and another work in progress. I always quite liked the fluff for St Celestine but there was something about the original model that left me cold. The new sculpt from the triumvirate of the imperium box set with the separate geminae superior is far more to my liking. Here is my work so […]

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So after the distraction that was the Imperial Knight Crusader¬†I was keen to get back in the saddle with my main focus which is supposed to be a group of super friends for my long suffering inquisitor Reikert. Following a voyage to the bottom of the bay of E I’ve managed to put together what […]

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No One Expects….

So when I decided I wanted to get back into a bit of 40K there was only one place I was willing to start. 

The epitome of everything that is right and wrong with the Imperium…the guys who put the GrimDark in the GrimDarkness…the Inquisition!

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