Callus Darklore

Another little distraction from Games Workshop and this time we have a Reaper Miniaturs figure by the name of Callus Darklore. I grabbed this guy some years back out of the Orcs nest in London and have been meaning to put some pics up for a while. Again not quite as sharp as some GW […]

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AD&D Stone Giant

Bit of a break from my usual 40k and GW ramblings with another nice blast from the past. The wife graciously allowed me to unpack some more of my “trash” and nestled in amongst some LOTR plastics was this old guy. For those of you who aren’t miniature obsessed needs let me identify who you […]

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Catching up with the World

Realised today that I haven’t posted for literally an age. Shame on me… Well not really, things IRL have been shitty and stressful and awful. That doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my hobby though, well maybe a little! Loads of posts and updates coming in the next few days and possibly if the […]

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For the greater good

I’m bored…literally everyone is playing Marines or Chaos in 8th and it is getting more than a little tedious. I’m not just talking about new players who have purchased the new starter set but even grizzled old neck beards with a half dozen armies under their belts. I get that the fluff for 8th is […]

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