Homemade artillery part 2

Following up (eventually) on my general annoyance with a recent dwarf purchase here are the next of my bodge job artillery pieces. First up we have my homemade organ gun. The  barrels are legit dwarf pieces mounted on some runner made of sprue which I’ve attached to part of an old skaven doomwheel with again […]

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Operation Eldar

  Busy few weeks for me recently between health issues and what not but I have finally gotten my Craftworld force to pretty much where I want it (for now) and it’s only taken  6 weeks from start to finish Some more posts and hopefully better pictures to follow (I hope) but here is what […]

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A general update

A few posts back I waffled on that I had a load of updates and would be trying (currently failing) to post more in the coming weeks. Well turns out there is this thing called life and she seems to enjoy putting the boot in when you are down so I have been a wee […]

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Homemade Artillery Pt.1

So I purchased a huge job lot of dwarves or whatever the f games workshop wants to call them for next to nothing. About 20 sprues all in all…some were good,some were bad and some were rage inducing. The good –  40 odd dwarf warriors and about 20 thunderers. The bad – the instructions for […]

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Callus Darklore

Another little distraction from Games Workshop and this time we have a Reaper Miniaturs figure by the name of Callus Darklore. I grabbed this guy some years back out of the Orcs nest in London and have been meaning to put some pics up for a while. Again not quite as sharp as some GW […]

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AD&D Stone Giant

Bit of a break from my usual 40k and GW ramblings with another nice blast from the past. The wife graciously allowed me to unpack some more of my “trash” and nestled in amongst some LOTR plastics was this old guy. For those of you who aren’t miniature obsessed needs let me identify who you […]

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Catching up with the World

Realised today that I haven’t posted for literally an age. Shame on me… Well not really, things IRL have been shitty and stressful and awful. That doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my hobby though, well maybe a little! Loads of posts and updates coming in the next few days and possibly if the […]

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